Power Bank Juicer Water Bottle is our hot and new water bottle, which is the only one can act as juicer and mobile power bank water bottle.

Power Bank Juicer Water Bottle is made of  high quality durable Eastman Tritan copolyester toxin free food grade plastic that can hold up to tough conditions. Environmentally friendly, recyclable, reusable, and shatterproof giving you a healthy water bottle to drink wateras a simple water bottle.

As a simple water bottle, it’s suitable for the Gym, Yoga, Runners, Athletes, MMA, Crossfit, Travel, Hiking, Cycling, Tennis, Camping, Work Office, or Outdoors.

As a Juicer, you can make clean and fresh fruit juice at home, you‘ll never have to go outside to buy unclean and not fresh fruit juice, can also help you save money.

As a mobile power bank, it can act a power for your mobile device. Especially when you are traveling, it can solve two major problems for you, which drinking water and mobile power.

If you are interested in our power bank juicer water bottle, please feel free to contact us!

power bank juicer water bottles